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How We Learn

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“Staff are responsive to children's individual care needs and deploy themselves effectively. Children feel happy, safe and secure in the nursery and are making good progress in their learning and development” Ofsted report 2018

What will your child learn?

Every child at Family Tree Day nursery is encouraged to learn through different play activities. Our curriculum is centred on all the seven areas of learning and development that is required to shape educational programmes in early years settings.
The prime areas of learning in which our Early Years professionals support children to learn and develop are:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

‘Making relationships, self-confidence & awareness, managing feeling and behaviour’

We support children to enjoy the company of others and seek contact with other children. Our resources are available at children’s height to encourage children to select their own child-initiated play. We encourage cooperative plays and build confidence to resolve conflicts with other children. PSED also includes supporting the children to develop confidence to separate from their familiar adults and confidence to speak to others about their own needs, wants, interests and opinions.

Physical Development (PD)

‘Moving and handling, health and self-care’

At Family Tree Day Nursery, we provide various activities that motivate the children and help strengthen children’s fine motor skill. We provide lots of opportunities for children’s independence. Children enjoy the sensory experience of making marks using damp sand, paste, paint, shaving cream etc. We teach children to hold pencils, brushes, etc with whole hand to tripod grip (between two fingers and thumb). Each room at Family Tree Day Nursery has a separate outdoor area, where children can run safely and play. In addition, we have a larger playground where they can climb frames and build tent etc.

Communication and Language C&L

‘Listening and attention, understanding, speaking’

At Family Tree Day Nursery, listening to the children and encouraging them to develop their vocabulary is what we do. We learn new words by sharing story books together. We have circle times that allow each child to communicate and be listened to. We provide resources that stimulate babies’ interest such as shiny bell, a texture books or mirror. Our lesson plans allows adult and children to talk through and comment on activities to highlight specific vocabulary or language structure.


‘Reading and writing’

A Family Tree Day Nursery, we have The Book of the Month, we select different books each month and make it a theme for the month. We enjoy story time; adults read to children daily, we also encourage children independent reading time. Children select book of their own choice and look through the pictures, giving their own meaning to the different pictures. We teach children to read and write in fun ways, through singing, acting play and different mark making activities.


‘Numbers, space, shape and measure’

Children learn in different ways and mostly through play. We teach mathematics in a unique way sometimes through reading books, outdoor play, and interesting focus activities. Our role play area is always a good point of learning where children like to go shopping and lots of language of numbers and quantities are use.

Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

‘Being imaginative, exploring and using media and materials’

At Family Tree Nursery, we have music lesson taught by professionals. Children enjoy playing simple musical instruments and following instructions. They love moving their body to sounds and beats. Our children love to experiment with colour and blocks. We have various construction resources such as building blocks, stickle bricks, poi pods, Lego etc. Children select appropriate resources and adapt to make their own unique artwork.

Understanding of the World (UTW)

‘People & communities, the world, technology’

At Family Tree Day Nursery, we teach British values. We celebrate different events such as St Patricks Day, St Georges Day etc. Our curriculum focuses on celebration of everyone; we look at other parts of the world, different cultures, food, clothing etc. We talk about similarities and differences in relation to friends and family. We celebrate everyone’s uniqueness.
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Our Rooms - Fun Ways we learn

Learning Through Play

Young children learn best when they follow their own interests, explore, experiment, problem solve and experience things first-hand.

Our Rooms - Fun Ways we learn

(Babies 3 months to 2 years)

Bumble Bee Room

(Toddlers 2 years to 3 years)

Ladybird Room

(Pre-schoolers 3 years to 5 years)